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Simplified Viral Anatomy
By Andy Hendel

A virus is a unique microscopic agent that does not fit neatly into the biological package we call a cell. A cell has:

  1. Defined cellular structure with organelles

  2. Metabolic infrastructure and function – The ability to convert consumed non-living materials into biological energy and cellular components

  3. Homeostatic controls – The ability to regulate the internal environment

  4. Reproductive capacity – The ability to produce offspring

  5. Responsiveness – The ability to respond to external stimuli and conditions

  6. Capacity for growth

  7. Capacity for adaptation – The ability to alter form, function, or both over time in response to environmental challenges

A virus is structurally and fu...

Insulin Therapy Increases Cardiovascular Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
By Andy Hendel

How does insulin therapy (i.e., use of exogenous insulin) affect heart disease risk in persons with Type 2 diabetes?
This 2017 review provides a variety of evidence indicating the use of exogenous insulin increases both heart disease risk and overall mortality in Type 2 diabetics. This indicates use of insulin therapy should be discouraged unless absolutely necessary, particularly given the existence of alternative pharmaceutical and lifestyle tools to establish glycemic control without the use of insulin. More broadly, this evidence is consistent with the assertion (previously explored on that hyperinsulinemia directly increases morbidity and mortality and thus ...

By Andy Hendel

The Great Statin Scam – Time to Clean up the Mess

ByDr. Aseem MalhotraOctober 29, 2019

In October 2013, I published a peer-reviewed editorial in the BMJ entitled “Saturated fat is not the major issue.” The editorial made the front page of three British newspapers and was featured on CNN International and Fox News, among other outlets (1). After analyzing the research for two years and developing my own clinical experience managing thousands of patients with diet-related chronic disease, I concluded incorrect dietary advice was a root cause of the obesity epidemic. To summarize:

  1. There was no good-quality and convincing evidence that saturated fat causes heart disease...




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